Community Reintegration Services


To provide care for youth who have successfully completed the treatment program at a psychiatric residential treatment facility or other residential facilities outside of the Cheyenne River area.  The service provides a structured, short-term stay in order to assist the youth in a successful return to their home and community.  The average length of stay for a child placed for Community Reintegration services is 60-90 days.

Treatment Procedure: 

The Community Reintegration service emphasizes identifying areas of strength and need of the youth and his/her family, which are utilized in order to successfully transition the youth back into the home and community.  The family of the youth is encouraged to actively participate in assessments of the youth and development, review and implementation of a service plan for the youth.  Monitored family visits may be recommended by the treatment team, in order to identify areas of strength and need of the youth and his/her family.  SHCCS staff is available for the family during home visitation in order to provide support, consultation, phone intervention, face-to-face intervention, or transportation back to the facility if a youth’s behaviors cannot be effectively managed in the home during a family visit.

Each child is enrolled in school by SHCCS and a positive support system within the school system is identified including but not limited to counselors, teachers, tutors, and resources for extra-curricular activities that the child is interested in.  SHCS assists the youth in seeking a place of employment in the community if deemed appropriate by the treatment team, the placing agency representative, and family.  Necessary ongoing services for the child with community resources are established in the areas of mental health providers, chemical dependency treatment providers, and medical providers.

Services and programming at SHCCS are adapted to meet each child’s individual needs for structure and supervision, with input from the placing agency representative and the child’s family.  Youth placed for Community Reintegration services are provided a minimum of 3 individual and/or family counseling sessions weekly.