Sex Trafficking

If your safety is in question, there are places you can call for immediate assistance.

Sacred Heart Family Services Women’s Shelter: 605-964-7233
Available 24 hrs a day.

Toll Free Crisis Line: 1-800-390-9298

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Police Department
(24 hrs a day) 911  or  605-964-2155

City of Eagle Butte Police Department-24 hrs a day
911  or  605-964-3777

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Sacred Heart Center Advocates may assist Sex Trafficking victims by providing information and referral services.

It is against federal and state law to recruit, harbor, transport, provide or obtain a person through the use of force, fraud, or coercion to engage in prostitution, pornography, exotic dancing, or other forced labor.

Signs that someone is being trafficked:
    • Cannot buy their own food or clothing.
    • May be malnourished, embarrassed, or ashamed.
    • Can’t have friends, go to school, or contact relatives.
    • May have been “branded”. (burnt by cigarettes or forcibly tattooed)
    • May have been forced into drug and/or alcohol use
    • May have been beaten, raped, or blackmailed
    • They may have an anxiety disorder, experience depression, be in a constant state of fear
Sex traffickers can be anyone, there is no certain “look” to who they are.
    • They could be your neighbor, relative, boyfriend/girlfriend, or significant other
    • They may pose as employers or business owners
    • They may be part of organized crime
American Indians are the highest targeted race for sex trafficking victims.
    • Most victims are young females
    • Male and female children and adult females are the primary targets for sex trafficking