Outreach Program

SACRED HEART PICTURES 048The Outreach Program is designed to provide outreach in and around the surrounding communities. Outreach staff is available to present to agencies, organizations, schools and the general public on a wide variety of topics. Workshops, presentations, and Sacred Heart Center program overviews are available at no cost. Child Abuse Reporting, Maltreatment Indicators, and Identifying Domestic Violence, such as Sexual Assault Awareness and Sex Trafficking are examples of program presentations.

Another component of Outreach is promoting safety and education in regards to the youth of the reservation by providing materials at area health fairs, presentations and participating in area committees that plan, promote and provide educational and recreational opportunities to youth and their families. Examples of such presentations would be things such as Bullying/Cyber Bullying and Teen Dating Violence.

Also, as a part of the Outreach Program and the Bear Necessities Thrift Store, clothing distributions are made to the communities from various donations that the Sacred Heart Service has received.

Presentations, workshops or training can be set up by calling the Outreach Program at 605-964-6062 to obtain more information.