Mike Tyrell

Williams Admin

Mike Tyrell is currently the President of the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of South Dakota, Inc., which includes the Sacred Heart Center, St. Joseph’s Indian School in Chamberlain, and parishes in Lower Brule and Fort Thompson.

Tyrell began his career with the Priests of the Sacred Heart when and his wife Kim relocated to Chamberlain, South Dakota from Joliet, Illinois to become house parents at St. Joseph’s in 1985. Since that time, Tyrell has served in many roles at St. Joseph’s, including Human Resources and Associate Executive Director of Child Services. Tyrell was named President in 2014 and has served all the SCJ missions in South Dakota since that time.

Tyrell earned a Master of Science in Administration at the University of Notre Dame. “It is a privilege to participate in the work of the Priests of the Sacred Heart in South Dakota,” Tyrell shared. “The mission of the Sacred Heart Center is imperative as they serve the vast geographic area of the Cheyenne River Reservation, working to empower individuals and families. I appreciate the efforts of so many staff and supporters who work to serve the Mission.”